Safety Policy

Trampoline Safety:

Like all sporting activities the potential risk for injury, even when following rules and guidelines, is present in Trampolining. Trampoline safety rules are displayed on the Go Jump Trampolines website and throughout the Go Jump Trampolines centre. As well as general trampoline and centre safety rules, each area within the centre also has its own specific set of rules and can be found clearly displayed at the entrance of each area. To minimise the possibility of dangerous situation, floor staff strictly enforce these rules.

How Go Jump Trampolines compare to the trampolines in your back yard

The Go Jump Trampolines facility has been designed to minimise and eliminate the risks involved with common backyard trampolines. Quite often, trampoline related injuries occur when jumpers have fallen off the trampoline or landed on the springs and frames. Go Jump Trampolines have minimised these risks by ensuring all trampoline frames are covered in high quality padding and rebound surfaces or thick safety mats are covering the walls. The frames around all trampolines are covered in a minimum of at least seven centimetres of durable padding, which the bed of the trampoline is connected to ensuring the trampoline springs are not exposed. All trampolines have been manufactured to international standards… including our Olympic Trampolines which have been made the same as the trampolines used at the 2008 Beijing Olympics! 

Staff and supervision

Go Jump Trampolines staff have significant experiences in areas of associated sports and activities, including trampolining, gymnastics, performance and sports coaching, as well as training in CPR and First Aid. Our trained staff members are responsible for enforcing general- and area-specific rules in a courteous manner and monitor all trampoline areas at all times. Safety measures also enforced by our staff members include one person per trampoline to avoid collisions.Our staff are here to ensure the safety of all participants, however children remain the responsibility of their parents / guardians at all times. Also, our Olympic and Wall Trampolines area are restricted to jumpers over 125cm.

Grip Socks

All jumping participants are required to wear our Go Jump Trampolines grip socks. These socks are designed to assist in providing maximal grip, therefore maximising safety, as well as general hygiene.

Training & Instruction

Safety is a major priority at Go Jump Trampolines and one of our core safety principles is to ensure jumpers do not attempt and activity beyond their skill level. Our staff are happy to assist in safe activities for patrons to help develop their jumping confidence, coordination and ability and also utilise the equipment in a safe and appropriate manner.


Go Jump Trampolines are continually working to preserve a safe environment through regular maintenance and safety checks, training, construction and research. We welcome any feedback that will help us to continue to develop a safe environment.

Contact us to provide any feedback at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.