Go Jump Trampolines is Shepparton’s very own family operated trampoline park with over 900 square meters of trampolining fun and excitement. Not only are our trampolines they great exercise, but we provide a safe fun environment with high jumps and soft landings.


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About Us

Go Jump Trampolines is your genuinely locally owned and operated business employing local people. 

Go Jump was established in 2014 to entertain the families of Greater Shepparton. Trampolining is a brilliant way to keep active while having huge amounts of fun at the same time! Anyone from 18 months can join in and jump on our state of the art trampolines, making it entertaining for almost the whole family.

Trampolining is low impact and high energy exercise, where playgrounds are only low energy passive exercise.  Improve your co-ordination, balance and muscle development all in the name of great fun!

Get socially connected and defy gravity in our four zones - including a huge Dodgeball/Free Jump Zone with basketball hoops, our High Performance Zone has 5 olympic trampolines, an air bag to practice your tricks and 2 high walls!  We also have an additional Air Bag Zone and a Littlies Zone with basketball hoops.

We pride ourselves on a very safe and clean environment that you’ll enjoy returning to.  With free Wifi and delicious barista coffee if you prefer to relax while the kids do the jumping.

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Sponsorship & Community

Our Go Jump Family is all about giving back to the greater community of Shepparton.  We take pride in sponsoring many of our school, community and sports events.    

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