Go Jump Trampolines is Shepparton’s very own family operated trampoline park with over 900 square meters of trampolining fun and excitement. Not only are our trampolines they great exercise, but we provide a safe fun environment with high jumps and soft landings.


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Do I need to book in advance?

Currently there is not need to book, however we highly recommend with groups of 10 or more you book to secure your spot.

Are there any restrictions on who can go on the trampolines?

Just about anyone can use our trampolines, however, there are a few restrictions for health and safety reasons:

  • The minimum age is 18 months of age, there is no maximum age!

  • Based on the trampoline manufacturer’s safety standards, the weight limit for an individual jumper is 120kg. Our policy is to recommend that anyone with individual weight-related concerns consult a physician and receive medical clearance for rigorous physical activity on an unstable surface before engaging in trampolining.

  • Participants must be in good health and free from any adverse medical conditions. For safety reasons, pregnant women, customers with pre-existing health issues or wearing casts are not permitted on the trampolines.

  • Participants must be 125cm tall to utilise the High Performance Olympic Trampolines.

Why can’t my baby go on the trampolines?

Safety guidelines recommend that children under 18 months are not developmentally ready for trampolining. For their safety and well-being we will not permit them on the trampolines at any time. 

Can I just wear normal socks on the trampolines?

All participants MUST wear approved trampoline grip socks. These are available for purchase for $3 and are yours to keep for future use.

I have grip socks from another trampoline park, can I use them at Go Jump?

Yes you can, provided they are approved trampoline grip socks. Please check with staff upon your arrival.

Do parents have to stay at Go Jump with their children?

Any child aged 11 or under must have a parent/guardian aged 18+ with them on the premises at all times. Although preferred that an adult is in attendance, children aged 12+ may be left unaccompanied. Please leave a contact phone number with staff when leaving children unattended.

If I arrive with less than 2 hours before Go Jump closes can I receive a discounted entry for a shorter session?

No. If you would like a full 2 hour session you will need to ensure you arrive at least 2 hours before our closing time.

I only want to jump for 1 hour, can I get a reduced entry fee?

No. Our entry fees are not transferable or refundable for reduced session times. Our prices are based on a 1 hour session with a 2nd hour provided at no extra cost.

Can I bring my own food into Go Jump?

If you have dietary requirements you are welcome to bring a very small amount of snack food into Go Jump. Large amounts of food and birthday cakes are not permitted unless you have pre-booked a party room for the occasion.  

Do you have lockers?

We have OPEN cube lockers available, however use is at your own risk. We recommend leaving any valuables at home.

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